UMW - Apple Dumplings

    January 01, 2019 | United Methodist Women by Betsy Creamer

    Making apple dumplings every October has been a long-standing tradition of the Leesburg United Methodist Women. The sales of dumplings are one of our largest fundraisers for mission. The dumplings are homemade, with dough made “from scratch,” the old-fashioned way, and apples fresh-picked from an orchard in Winchester. Each is made with love by women enjoying fellowship and hands-on work to support mission.

    Join together in the Asbury Hall kitchen for a morning of fun, fellowship and work. Anyone is invited to join our “apple dumpling gang” and create the dumplings to sell. No experience is necessary as there will be plenty of women to guide you! Keep an eye out on the events page and join to be a part of our Faith, Hope and Love in Action! 

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