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    January 01, 2019 | United Methodist Women by Betsy Creamer

    United Methodist Women prayerfully make pledges to the local unit or district. Their Mission Giving contributes to local mission, spiritual formation, programs for membership development and outreach in the community.  The pledge continues from the local unit (Leesburg) or district (Winchester) on to the conference (Virginia). The pledged amount designated for mission is sent to the national office and budgeted for ministries with women, children and youth in the United States and all around the world.  Women are involved in mission each step of the way.

    For most members, making an offering to her unit’s Pledge to Mission is a way of supporting the organization and expressing her commitment to mission.  However, a pledge or financial gift is not a prerequisite for membership in UMW.

    Not all United Methodist Women members can travel the world, but their dollars can and do through the five channels of Mission Giving:

    1. Pledge to Missions
    2. Special Mission Recognition
    3. Gift to Mission
    4. Gift in Memory
    5. World Thank Offering

    More information on these channels of giving may be found at the following site:

    The Virginia Conference United Methodist Women have 2 additional channels of Mission Giving:

    • Candle Burning -- Donations are given to Pledge to Mission and a candle is burned in honor or memory of individuals named.  For more information on candle burning, contact the LUMW treasurer.
    • Rainbow Giver -- Your gift of $60 will make you a Rainbow Giver.  This avenue of giving was established in 2010 and contributes to all 5 channels of Mission Giving listed above.  Any individual may be a Rainbow Giver. The giver does not have to be a UMW member. For more information contact the LUMW treasurer.

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