LUMC Facilities Closed

LUMC Facilities Closed
Thursday, March 19, 2020 - Friday, July 31, 2020

Our facilities are closed to all meetings, activities, and use by outside groups until further notice.  Staff will be by the building regularly to check on things, but we are no longer maintaining regular office hours on-site.  If you need to access the builidng, please call the office number - we are checking messages during office hours: 703-777-2056. 

If you are a keyholder and come to LUMC for any reason, please keep in mind the following:

  1. During office hours, please enter via the office door only.   At other times, please also consider using the office door only, to help ensure our doors are fully closed/locked and limiting traffic in otherwise unused areas of the building.
  2. When you are here, please wash your hands first thing upon arriving (in Wesley Kitchen or the restrooms in the office hallway), and before moving about the facility and touching things (as you should be doing when you first return to your own home after being out in public).
  3. Our cleaning schedule has been cut way back.  Therefore, please avoid using trash cans and restrooms except those in the office hallway or behind the sanctuary.
  4. The heat/AC in the Education Building and Aldersgate have been set to conserve energy and cut costs while spaces are not being used.  If you do need to be here for any length of time in those areas, be prepared.

Thank you for your patience in these unusual circumstances.  Be sure to pray daily for a rapid return to normalcy!

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