Advent Film Club

Advent Film Club
Every Tuesday, from 11/24/2020 to 12/22/2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Tuesdays at 11 am via Zoom, November 24 through December 22.

Our worship theme for Advent and Christmas comes from the Worship Design Studio series, “I Believe Even When…” _This theme draws inspiration and hope from the song, “Inscription of Hope,” _whose words found were found written on a basement wall of the Cathedral of Cologne, Germany. The words were written, it is believed, by a child of one of the many Jewish families who hid in the cathedral at various times during the Nazi persecution.

Pastor Jim will be hosting a film club during Advent that follows an incredible guide prepared by Worship Design Studio. This guide highlights five powerful films/film clips that dramatically demonstrate the power of music during difficult and even seemingly hopeless circumstances: “Defiant Requiem”, “Girls on the Wall”, “Following the Ninth”, “Sweet Honey on the Rock: Raise Your Voice”, and “The Singing Revolution”.

Beginning Tuesday, November 24, 11 am, via Zoom, and for each Tuesday until December 22.

Email Pastor Jim if you’re interested, or simply sign up (link below). Join us for any week as these are not cumulative, but they do coincide with the weekly message theme.

For those not able to join a group discussion via Zoom, there is a version for personal devotion during Advent. Contact the church office for details. Even if you cannot make every Tuesday, join in anyway as we discover how others were able to “fill the night with music and light”!

Sign up here, or email Pastor Jim.

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