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Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More

Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More

by Church Office on October 16, 2020

A four-week sermon series based on the book by Tom Berlin 

October, 2020
Weekly Next Steps: Week 3

This week, there are more daily challenges to clear-out and clean-out various spaces in your home:

Monday: Clean Out one of your Closets – one at a time. Pick out anything you have not worn in the past year or two. You may be surprised.

Tuesday: Clean Out your coat closet.

Wednesday: Clean Out another closet.

Thursday: Any more closets? Clean it Out.

Friday: Clean Out your basement storage. Old decorations; extra stuff.

Saturday: Take stock of the areas you have cleared out. Bring donatable items to the parking lot next to Blossom and Bloom. They will be out in the lot to receive your clothing, coats, shoes, and small stuff.  For furniture, we recommend you contact one of the following to donate at your convenience: the Salvation Army
(https://salvationarmypotomac.org/loudouncountycorps/thrift-store/, 703-771-3371 ext 18);  Blue Ridge Hospice Thrift Store (https://brhospice.org/thriftdonations/ , 703-687-3120, pickup available);  Hope's Treasures (https://goodshepherdalliance.org/thrift-stores-donation-centers/, 703-777-5536).

~ Previous Weeks ~

Weekly Next Steps: Week 2

FINANCIAL PLANNING TOOL:  Here’s a simple financial planning tool to help you and members of your family plan for next year. Break free from the pull of financial gravity by making your plan today! Click here to download your copy.

OUR CLEAN OUT CHALLENGE CONTINUES!  Last week, you were encouraged to clean out your excess files and bring your paper for secure shredding to Tuscarora High School, for the Town of Leesburg sponsored secure paper shredding.

This week, there are daily challenges to clear-out and clean-out various spaces in your home:

Monday - Clean Out your refrigerator of anything that is out of date.

Tuesday - Clean Out a drawer. Throw away. Recycle. Donate.

Wednesday - Clean Out a cabinet–in the kitchen or bathroom or study. Throw away. Recycle. Donate.

Thursday - Out a pantry shelf or two. Discard out of date food. Give non-perishable unexpired food to Loudoun Hunger Relief.

Friday - Clean Out the center console, or glove box in your car.

Saturday - Take stock of the areas you have cleared out. Share with Pastor Jim the number of spaces.

The purpose of these challenges is not to clear space for more stuff, but to recognize how much stuff we accumulate and wind up not needing. We hang on to stuff – and it hangs on to us if we’re not careful. This physical act and exercise of clearing physical stuff, is a metaphor for clearing out the stuff in our hearts and minds that gets in the way of loving and serving God. All the things – even good things – that get in the way. The first step is recognizing what’s there. The second step is clearing it out, and in so doing break free from being held back.

Next week: closets, clothes, toys, tools, and other stuff that we can donate. Stay tuned next Sunday.

Weekly Next Steps:  Week 1

Our first “Next Step” is part 1, or step 1, in our October Clean-Out Challenge. Here it is. The first step of the Challenge will be to clean out your old files and gather up all those paper documents you’ve been saving and no longer need.

This coming Saturday, October 10, from 9 am to 1 pm, the Town of Leesburg is providing secure document shredding on site at Tuscarora High School. The limit per car is 3 file boxes of paper, or 3 trash bags of paper (32-gal bags or less), per car.

This will be the first of several practical steps to help us break free from the culture of more! I encourage you to come early as once the trucks on site are filled with shredded paper, they’ll be done.

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