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by Angela Becek on May 27, 2021

Are you Feeling Disconnected?

One of our fears when we feel disconnected is that the group moved on without us, in response, we don’t want to go back. Let me assure you, the group has not moved on and no one is going back.

Go back and read that again, and let that sink in. No one is going back. The group did not move on. The group dissolved and every member of the group moved on individually. Yes, some maintained friendships over the past year, but by and large, the old group no longer exists. If that is a loss to you, please take time to grieve. 

Then ask yourself: 
Why were you here in the first place?
Why do you do church?

You probably don’t need the church in the same ways that you used to, you are a different person now. Maybe that’s why you feel disconnected. The new you doesn’t need the old church.

Even the old you was tired of the old church, so the thought of going back to that just exhausts you.

You might remember that our last big youth activity was the Reboot Retreat. I called you together to plan a new future, but many of you weren’t ready. While you recognized that our pre-pandemic programs were no longer effective, you liked them and weren’t ready to let them go. Now they are all gone.

It’s time not to go back or to reboot, it is time to rebuild. 

We have a solid foundation: Jesus. Jesus is not an abstract concept. An abstract concept makes for a lousy foundation. 

We have also have a framework: we know that we want to build around missions and serving others.

Remember always: the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world. Translated: my mission, and the mission of the youth ministry, are to help you grow as a follower of Jesus who seeks to restore the world to its original goodness and peace.

That’s what we’re called to be connected with, that mission of reconciliation and restoration. The “who” is Jesus. Our relationships with one another, our peers and mentors, are meant to help us stay connected with the mission, to offer encouragement and sometimes correction.

We are not going back, we are going forward, into uncharted territory. We’re going to cut new paths and some won’t lead anywhere, but others will take us to places never imagined before.

It will be, a most excellent adventure.

Are you coming?

SPY, and to some extent VBS, will be our first chances to experiment with what the next iteration of youth (and children’s) ministry will look like at LUMC.  I hope you decide to come on the journey so that we can follow Jesus together.


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