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How to Create a Worship Space in Your Home

How to Create a Worship Space in Your Home

by Jim Wishmyer on February 25, 2021

Worship from home via live stream! This is an opportune time to create your own “worship space." Creating a worship space reminds everyone in the household that worship and prayer are an important part of everyday life, not just on Sunday. It helps each of us who are practicing social distancing to foster a spiritual intimacy by sharing photos of our own worship spaces with one another. Thus, as we worship together on Sunday via live stream, we can visualize other members of our church family worshiping with us.

What to include? Families should decide this together!

Choose a table such as a kitchen, dining room, end, coffee, portable tray, etc., as the base for your worship space. You may want to spread a cloth, perhaps with the liturgical color; or use a prayer shawl; or some other special cloth.

Include something meaningful and helpful to help center yourself in God’s presence. For some it may mean a special candle that is lit during worship or prayer. For others, it may be a simple or elaborate cross. For still others, it may be an image of the sanctuary or some other place where we cherish the experience of God’s presence. You may want to include a bible, a hymnal, a prayer book, etc. The important thing is not to get too cluttered.

If you would like to share in our online communion, include a plate with bread, and some grape juice (or wine mixed with water) for each person.

Make sure to have space for paper on which to write prayer requests that are shared during the live stream. You can even keep a small ceramic bowl to hold the folded up prayer concerns.

And of course, allow room for your laptop, tablet or smartphone with which you can view The Worship Connection. You may want to cast the live stream to your smart TV.  Someone can be tasked with interacting via smart phone or computer to share prayer requests, praises, etc. during worship. 

Finally, please keep in mind that our live stream Worship Connection is a work in progress. We’ve had to pull this together in a short period of time so we ask your patience. We also invite your feedback following worship – what worked well, what needs improvement, other suggestions.

Thank you, and “see you” Sunday! Grace, peace, and good health,

– Rev. Jim Wishmyer

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