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In-Person Worship Update

In-Person Worship Update

by Jim Wishmyer on May 22, 2020

This week, we received a revised Handbook for Local Churches from our Virginia Conference Bishop and “Back to In-Person Worship Workgroup”. The plan follows the 3-Phase plan of our state and country, relying heavily on guidelines from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health. Because we are in Northern Virginia, we are still in the Preparation Stage. In order to move to Phase-1 of limited in-person worship, we are forming a “Healthy Church Team” that will take the handbook and tailor our “re-opening” plan accordingly.

I urge your patience as we all yearn to be back together; and your understanding since as we move through these stages/phases, our in-person worship and other church-building based activities will be very different from what they were prior to COVID-19. Our ministry staff and selected leaders from various committees/ministry teams will be meeting to formulate and implement our plan and will keep you informed.

Anyone who desires a copy of the Virginia Conference Handbook can find it online here, otherwise email me or the church office and it will be forwarded to you. Thank you, for your prayers, your patience, and all that you do to serve Christ through LUMC!

Rev. Jim Wishmyer


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