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Linda Flood Retires

Linda Flood Retires

by Linda Stoutenburgh on June 05, 2020

Our church custodian, Linda Flood, will be retiring on June 19th after more than 14 years at LUMC.  Linda has spent countless hours keeping our worship space, preschool, meeting spaces, and offices clean and tidy; we’ll certainly all miss her when she’s gone!  In her retirement, Linda will be moving to South Carolina to live with her son while she gets established there, and she expects to get herself her own place as soon as she can. 

In normal times, we would be inviting Linda to join us for Sunday worship so that we could personally thank her and wish her well. Instead, the Staff Parish Relations committee has arranged to take a brunch meal to her home to present to her as a token of our thanks, along with an engraved bowl and a cash love gift.  The love gift has been funded from Pastor Jim’s discretionary fund; if you would like to contribute, please make a donation to “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.”  You can give online via the Special Donations page, or just mail a check to the office.

To convey your personal well-wishes to Linda, you are invited to mail a card or note to her at the church address.  We’ll see that she gets whatever cards are sent on her last day, and we will mail any later arrivals on to her in South Carolina.  Please mail to “Linda Flood c/o Leesburg United Methodist Church, 107 West Market Street, Leesburg, VA  20176”. 

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