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Livestream Appreciation

by Jim Wishmyer on March 16, 2021

Having survived a year of COVID pandemic, we have not missed offering worship for single Sunday. For this, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to an incredible group of volunteers who shared their time, their expertise, and their passion for worship so that we could livestream our worship each Sunday. While some provided their expertise for a season or for a specific need, and some continue to help out with the effort, all have been instrumental in bringing online worship to you and to many.

Please say a prayer of thanks and express your gratitude with me to:

Jill Ryan
Frank Dobscha
Brad Skillman
Al Ruggles
Rebekah Daugherty
Derrick Jerry
Cedar Miller
Kyle Pepin
Cynthia Ginman
Nate Rathjen

Thank you, all!
- Rev. Jim Wishmyer

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