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Opportunities for Giving - Update

Opportunities for Giving - Update

by Linda Stoutenburgh on April 17, 2020

Difficult times bring out the very best in Christians.  THANK YOU  to everyone who has made a priority of continuing to practice faithful giving and has mailed your offering, set up giving through your online banking system, or taken the plunge and used our online giving system!   We expect to be worshiping online-only through at least June 7, so if you haven’t yet set up mailed or online giving, please consider doing so.  

Your generosity enables us to cover our core operating costs (payroll, utilities, mortgage) that enable us to continue our ministries, and it also provides reources to assist those within our own LUMC community who will find themselves in need of support, and to be able to reach outward to help in the wider Leesburg community. 

If your financial situation remains secure, I invite you to consider and pray about increasing (at least temporarily) your regular giving and/or making an additional gift(s) to the newly created Pandemic Relief fund.  Donations to this fund will be used to support pandemic-related needs within our own congregation and in our local community. 

Here’s how to give as you intend while we are worshiping apart:

  • Our online giving system is easy to use. You can set it up on your computer or other device using a web browser or install our app on your smartphone for even more convenience.  The “Give Now” option is for regular offerings (Ministries & Missions, or Mortgage); “Special Donations” is where you can make a Pandemic Relief offering.
  • You can always mail your offering check (Leesburg UMC, 107 West Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176).  If you need stamps and can’t go out, we can mail you some stamped envelopes to use, just ask.
  • Please do not drop off items/envelopes in the church mailbox.  The mail carrier could think your item is outgoing mail and it would likely never return to us.

And finally, if you find yourself facing difficulties (financial or otherwise), do reach out to Pastor Jim or Rev. Heather, so we can be the Body of Christ for you.

Peace to you,
Linda Stoutenburgh
Office Manager and Financial Secretary

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