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Phase 2 of Healthy Church Plan

Phase 2 of Healthy Church Plan

Our latest status in light of LCPS closure.

by Jim Wishmyer on March 12, 2020

Sisters and brothers, most are aware that Loudoun County Public Schools are closed today through next Friday, March 20. All school activities are cancelled. However, the administrative offices will be open and staffed. The purpose for the closing is preventive and proactive to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus through person to person transmission; and to give each school a thorough cleaning.

Following the Healthy Church Plan sent out yesterday, we have moved past “Immediate” and “Next Steps” to “If…” While neither the Loudoun County Health Department nor the Virginia Department of Health have recommended (as of this moment) that churches cancel worship activities, LUMC is following the lead of LCPS in exercising an abundance of caution.

All on-site (107 and 109 W. Market St.) activities, groups, and meetings have been cancelled through next Friday, March 20.

This includes worship, Sunday school, New Member Orientation, and Dinner Church this Sunday.

We will livestream worship from the sanctuary on Sunday, at 10 AM, with music, prayers, a message, and communion. All are encouraged to set aside this time Sunday morning to join us for worship from your home. Instructions, suggestions for setting up a home worship space, and our order of worship will be sent to you via email and be posted on our website and Facebook page.

As we live through these uncertain days, I encourage you to live with faith, not fear. You are not alone. We are a strong, caring, and committed faith community and we will see each other through this – God will see us through this.

If you have any needs or concerns, please reach out for help. Rev. Heather and I are preparing a list of ways to help each other and our neighbors and we will be reaching out to invite those who are able to help in specific ways – grocery shopping for those who cannot; giving a ride to the doctor for those needing transportation; etc.

Stay healthy with proper rest, diet, and exercise/activity. Remember to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. From one of our Disciple Bible Study members – “Pray the Lord’s Prayer while handwashing. It takes about 20 seconds…”

Thank you for your prayers, your patience, and for being part of this great faith community!

Many thanks to our staff, leadership, and all who have shared thoughts, suggestions, information sources, and more to help guide us through these times

Grace, peace, and good health to all,
Rev. Jim Wishmyer

March 12, 2020

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