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Re-Gathering for In-person Worship at LUMC

Re-Gathering for In-person Worship at LUMC

by Jim Wishmyer on May 29, 2020

Re-Gathering for In-Person Worship at LUMC

Thank you to all who have responded to our 2nd survey. If you have not, please do so, and if you have difficulty with indicating your response, please email the church office and indicate “Q1 - Y or N, Q2 - Y or N (or NA), Q3 - name of team or “Any”; (or NA).  

Our Healthy Church Team, and our leadership appreciate your responses and feedback, as we prayerfully discern our way forward. We’ll be comparing Survey 1 and Survey 2 responses in particular to observe shifts in attitude, as well as the simple Y/N responses.

Thursday night, our Church Leadership Team met and discerned that our church will not be re-gathering for in-person worship in the sanctuary during Stage 1 (Note: this is a VA United Methodist defined stage, that follows after the state’s Phase 1). Since there is very little change between Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirements and inclusion, I subsequently determined that we will not plan to re-gather during Stage 2, either. Thus, our Healthy Church Team will be targeting to build our re-gathering plan for Stage 3, with a yet-to-be-determined timeline. Our next Healthy Church Team meeting is next Thursday, June 4. 

We will continue to share worship together virtually through our online platform. For the foreseeable future, we will be an online church learning to connect and be the church through our small groups and Neighborhood Groups (listen in on Sunday morning for more!).

 Please note: should external circumstances and conditions change such that we can all safely re-gather for in-person worship, we will revisit our plans accordingly.

Also of note: none of the churches of the Alexandria and Arlington Districts to our east plan to re-gather for in-person or drive-in worship until late July or early August. 

As humorist and school principal Gerry Brooks notes emphatically: “None of us went to school for this.” Nor did we ask for this pandemic. Remember that “Love is patient. Love is kind… love does not insist on its own way…” 1 Corinthians 13:4-ff). We ask your patience, your prayers, and your positive encouragement in the face of these uncertain, frustrating, and sometimes fearful days. God will see us through!

Grace and peace,
- Rev. Jim Wishmyer

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