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Reverse Advent Calendar for LHR

Reverse Advent Calendar for LHR

by Heather Wray on November 25, 2020

Instead of an Advent Calendar where you GET something each day, try this Advent Calendar where you GIVE something each day!

During the season of Advent you can collect items for Loudoun Hunger Relief, to help the food-insecure of Loudoun County.  See the image below - for each 26 days (Nov 29 to Dec 24), there is an item for you to place under your tree for LHR.  At the end of the Advent season, take all you’ve collected and drop it off at the church or take it directly to LHR. 

If you have questions contact Rev. Heather.

Learn more about Loudoun Hunger Relief on their website.

NOTE: Earlier versions of this calendar have two extra days in the graphic. Those days have been removed but the items for those days have been incorporated into the edited graphic below. Apologies for any confusion!


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