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SPY Report - 2021

SPY Report - 2021

by on July 27, 2021

SPY 2021 was a fun, low-key time for youth and adult leaders/helpers to just be, while they served and laughed together.

In the past, the SPY youth mission was a trip away for a week to serve in mission.  SPY 2021 was a new adventure as we served locally.

Youth had opportunities to serve and make a tangible difference in our local community while growing in their personal discipleship and developing and deepening friendships.

We were able to replicate a lot of what we would do if we went away:  ~Work projects at local homes/agencies  ~Team building activities and games  ~Worship  ~Meals

Check out these posts from our Facebook page with daily pictures:   Monday   -   Tuesday  -  Wednesday  -  Thursday

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