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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

 Jesus calls each of us to witness to the working of God’s grace in your own life, so that...

by Jim Wishmyer on May 16, 2021

“We are witnesses…”

Acts 3:15-16

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 Jesus calls each of us to witness to the working of God’s grace in your own life, so that

  • the faith of your listeners may be strengthened, and/or
  • your listeners may want to learn more.

 When sharing your witness, it’s important to be:

Authentic. Tell your story, not someone else’s story. Include where you may have struggled or even failed.

Positive. Do not gloss over the struggle, but don’t dwell long on it  – focus on the good.

Christ-centered.  Focus on God’s initiative and grace, and not on you. It is your story of God at work that helps other to connect with God through you. Point them to Christ by focusing on God’s gracious work.


In crafting your witness, you might ask yourself some questions like,

“Where have I experienced the God’s grace in my life to bring – forgiveness, hope, guidance, healing, help, salvation, renewal, an answer to a particular need; or, God’s love and caring, guidance, help, etc.?”

“Where and how has God worked through me in the world?”

“When and how have I experienced answer to prayer?”

“When and how have I experienced God’s comfort and/or guidance in a difficult time?”  Other questions?


Each of us may have multiple “testimonies” as part of our witness  – personal stories of God’s grace. The more we reflect on and recognize ways God has worked in our lives, the more prepared we will be when the opportunity comes


When preparing for what you will share, how you will share it, and with whom you will share, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Trust  to Christ to empower you through his Spirit to be his witness as he promised (Acts 1:8).

In preparing your story, here is one proven framework:

  1. A Time When I Needed Help. Set the scene. Describe what happened. Tell your story in an interesting way that is relevant to your listener(s). What did you do to reach out to God – or, through whom did God reach you?


  1. How You Experienced God’s grace. Describe the turning point, God’s intervention. How did this happen? Share your feelings. What did God do? Through whom? How? Be bold to proclaim what God has done.


  1. The result of grace. Simply share what change came about because of God’s grace (prayer, experience of God’s presence, relationships, healing, experience of Church, etc).


As you witness, you are giving thanks to God for his goodness. Ask God to use your words to encourage and build up others. Use words that give hope and meaning to your listeners as you share the goodness of God. You are God’s spokesperson in this moment! Let the light and the love of Christ shine through you!


Outline your “story” making use of the three sections/stages above:


My need/challenge:




What God did in response to my need:




What grace I/others experienced as a result:

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