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The Season of Easter

The Season of Easter

by Jim Wishmyer on April 01, 2021

Worship for the Season of Easter

The Easter Season (the “Great Fifty Days”) begins at sunset Easter Eve and continues to the Day of Pentecost, May 23. In joy and celebration (dance!), the Easter Season invites us to focus on Christ’s resurrection and his ascension into heaven. This year we turn our attention to the growing community of Christ followers in Acts. We see the risen Christ through their dances of healing, helping, praying, caring, persevering, and witness – all expressions of their joy and hope in Christ. Join us next Sunday as we begin our series: “Dare to Dance (together, in community, with joy!).”

A Devotional for the Season of Easter

As we move into the Easter Season, I commend the devotional book, Jesus Today, by Sarah Young. We hear - we know - that people are struggling in the midst of the pandemic. This book is a series of 150 devotionals that grew out of Young's experience of suffering a debilitating illness over time. They are written as daily messages from God (like her previous best-seller, Jesus Calling), along with scripture verses for reflection, and notable quotes from others interspersed throughout. Young writes while in the midst of her suffering, caught in the storm. And yet this book, and her experience, are all about finding hope in Christ as "an anchor for the soul" in the midst of the storm. Form a book club with your friends, or read individually. This book was the 2013 ECPA Christian Book of the Year.

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