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Trail Guide for Nov 14

Trail Guide for Nov 14

by Jim Wishmyer on November 11, 2021

The question every one of us will answer with our lives: who have you blessed? Has your life been focused on blessing yourself? Your immediate family? Those you like? Those who like you? Those in need who may never know it was you? Those who recognize the blessing and that it came from you?

Albert Lexie worked for 30 years shining shoes inside Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital. From the time he began, until he stopped shining shoes before his death in 2018 at the age of 76, Lexie donated every bit of his tips to the Free Care Fund to help families and children pay for medical treatment. Most of his tips were one or two dollars. Yet, over the course of his time working there, he contributed over $200,000 to help sick children. This amounted to more than a third of his lifetime salary (Wikipedia, Albert Lexie). When he was recognized for his generosity (something he never sought) in 2006 by the Caring Institute, among those honored with him for their charitable activities were: Dr. Ben Carson, the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, and Cal Ripkin, Jr. The point here is not that we should be recognized for our generosity or that we must do something in a big way that makes headlines. No. It’s that no matter who we are or how little we may think our contribution, when we practice generosity, others are blessed. Your family. Your friends. Those who you like and those who like you. Even those you may not like and who may not like you. Strangers. And, all are God’s children. So guess Who appreciates your generosity the most?  Read and reflect on this week’s scripture as you practice blessing others.

Monday 11/15            1 Timothy 6:18-19 – What do you have to share or give away that is in good condition? Part of the practical exercise this week is giving away what we no longer need (or think we need). Just make sure it’s in good shape, clean, etc.

This week: Clean Out one of your Closets – one at a time. Pick out anything you have not worn in the past year, or two years. You may be surprised

Tuesday 11/16            Matthew 6:24-25 – It’s not what you have or what you own, it’s what has you or owns you. If something “owns” you,

Clean Out your coats closet.

Wednesday 11/17      Proverbs 6:6-8the importance of planning…

Clean Out another closet.

Thursday 11/18          Psalm 37:25-26  – Trust.

Any more closets? Clean it Out.

Friday 11/19                1 Timothy 5:7-8 – Teach your kids to budget – what and how to spend; what and how to save; what and how to give..

Clean Out your basement storage. Old decorations; extra stuff.

Saturday 11/20          1 Timothy 6:17From whence comes your enjoyment? 

Take stock of the areas you have cleared out. Bring large items and books to Salvation Army (Cardinal Park Drive) or Blue Ridge Hospice (a couple doors down [left] of Giant Foods on E Market); clothing and smaller items to Blossom and Bloom.   

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