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Trail Guide for Nov 21

Trail Guide for Nov 21

by Jim Wishmyer on November 21, 2021

Trail Guide – Week of November 21, 2021


Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves that even in the most difficult times, there's still an abundance of things to be grateful for.


Regardless the challenges and trials of this year, for one day, we can join in the spirit of those who hundreds of years ago first celebrated a time of Thanksgiving – those who had suffered disease, death, disappointment, and even despair.


For what will you express thanks to God?  


As you move through each day, lift your eyes and heart on high and consider the wonderful love God has for you, for us, for all.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  - Romans 8:38-39. Can you say Amen! ?


Sunday 11/21           1 Thessalonians 5:18 – What have you struggled with this year? For each challenge, each trial, each disappointment, see if you can recall two or more occasions or things to give thanks.


Monday 11/22          Psalm 107:1-3 - Give thanks today for God’s goodness and love.  Tell someone that God loves them!

Tuesday 11/23         Psalm 107:4-9 - Give thanks for the times that God has guided you from an unsettled place of wandering and wondering to a settled place of rest and renewal.  Or perhaps now is a good time to cry out to the Lord… he has promised to bring deliverance! 


Wednesday 11/24   Psalm 107:13-16 - Give thanks for God’s deliverance today from habits, bitterness, guilt, resentments, negative attitudes, etc. that have had you in chains.  Or perhaps now is a good time to cry out to the Lord because you’ve worn yourself out trying to cut through ”bars of iron” that have you feeling trapped. He has the key.


Thursday 11/25       Psalm 107: 19-22 - Today is Thanksgiving!  Invite others to join you in expressing your thanks to God, virtual or in person.  Read aloud portions of this psalm together.  Give thanks for God’s help; pray for God’s healing from this pandemic and for our world.


Friday 11/26             Psalm 107:28-32 - Whether or not you plan to hit the stores, I hope that some time today you will experience the gladness that comes from having a calm assurance that God is guiding your life.  Share your thankfulness with a stranger – go ahead, take a risk!


Saturday 11/27        Psalm 118 - In preparation for our Advent worship on Sunday, read and pray through this psalm.  Pray for all who prepare for, and help lead, our worship.  Pray for God’s presence to be made known to us in our worship wherever we are!


In the midst of giving thanks this week, remember to pray each day for those in our community, country and world who go hungry, are homeless; those who are suffering the most from this pandemic.


Reminder: Sunday begins the season of Advent! Also, our 9:00 am in-person worship is moving to 9:30 am, while our 11:00 am worship, in-person and livestream, remains the same.

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