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Trail Guide for Nov 7

Trail Guide for Nov 7

by Jim Wishmyer on November 07, 2021

Trail Guide for week of November 7, 2021:

Well, this is the last week of our 8-week journey of reading through the first five books of the bible. We’ve been using the 2nd volume of the Immerse Bible – “Beginnings” as our guide, and I pray that you have been informed and inspired as you have been reading through these foundational scriptures for both Jews and Christians.

So, what have you discovered? What has surprised you? What has disturbed you? What has roused your curiosity?

What have you learned about God? About people? Perhaps about yourself?

Next week, we’ll turn to a more topical reading of scripture each day, as we reflect on the general themes of gratitude and generosity. We who have been so blessed, who have been given Jesus’ instruction in the beatitudes on the blessed or happy life, have much for which to give thanks, and much to be able to share.

Let’s continue reading scripture, meeting together, encouraging and praying for one another that we may all grow in our awareness, our understanding, and our living of God’s good news! Together, let’s keep “grow[ing] in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior” (2 Peter 3.18). And to God be the glory in our lives, in our church, and in our world!

Reminder of our Immerse Bible questions for reflection:  1 – What stood out to you this week?   2 – Was there anything confusing, troubling, or challenging?   3 – Did anything change your view of God?   4 – How might my reading influence or change the way I live – attitudes, actions, relationships?


Renewal begins when we encounter the Word of God and our God of the Word.

The following scriptures help us.

Find and form either your “hub” or “club” of 2 to 6 faith friends to connect with each week, virtually* or in-person. Come together to we read, listen, reflect, pray, share, and support one another toward renewal!

                            (Click here to follow the abridged daily reading plan.)

Sun, 11/7            If you have not already, watch the “Immerse: Beginnings Week 8 (Deuteronomy, Part 2)” video that provides insights and background on Deuteronomy, the 5th book in the Hebrew Bible (our Old Testament).  For those following the Immerse Plan readings: https://www.immersebible.com/beginnings/ click on Week 8. You can also find the audio recordings for Days 36-40 here as well.

Mon, 11/8           Immerse Plan: Beginnings pp 295-302; Deuteronomy 14:22 – 20:20

Tue, 11/9             Immerse Plan: Beginnings pp 302-310; Deuteronomy s 21:1-26:19

Wed, 11/10         Immerse Plan: Beginnings pp 310 - 315; Deuteronomy 27:1-28:68

Thu, 11/11          Immerse Plan: Beginnings pp 315 - 323; Deuteronomy 29:1 – 32:47

                            (Take time today to lift prayers of thanks for those who are served; prayers of intercession and petition for those who are serving and for their families.)

Fri, 11/12             Immerse Plan: Beginnings pp 324 - 327;  Deuteronomy 32:48 - 34:12

Sat, 11/13           A day to catch up on your reading.

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