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Worship and COVID-19

Worship and COVID-19

Our current response to the novel corona virus.

by Heather Wray on March 06, 2020

Dear Church,

The message below is from the chair of our Worship Team, Rebekah Daugherty, and regards Sunday morning worship and Covid-19. Rebekah's message, on behalf of the Worship Team (made up of lay, staff, and clergy), outlines the procedures we currently have in place.

Our clergy and staff are also working with leaders to establish additional procedures that go beyond Sunday mornings in the sanctuary. We will continue to put additional prudent and precautionary plans into place because we care for the health and well being of all of you.

We ask for your patience as we work quickly to put into place procedures recommended by local health officials, denominational leaders, and the CDC.  We also ask that you pray for those who are infected, for our local, state, and federal governments as they work to protect us, and for medical professionals.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself or Pastor Jim; we would be happy to talk with you.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Heather Wray,  Director of Connect Ministries

In light of the current situation with the spread of the novel corona virus, it is understandable that concerns have been raised about how this will affect our gathering for worship. Be assured that the Worship Team is monitoring the situation and will be responsive to recommendations by local public health officials and the CDC as they pertain to our gathering and practice. Below is what the Worship Team is currently pursuing and recommending as precautionary measures.


We will continue our worship services and gatherings as scheduled at this time. If you are ill or concerned about contracting the virus we encourage you to stay home. As with seasonal influenza and other viruses, diligent hand washing before and after worship, avoiding touching your face, and covering your sneezes and coughs in public are the best ways to prevent spread.

Passing the Peace

We will be suggesting alternate signs for passing the peace during worship so that we can prevent the passing of germs. Instead of shaking hands consider a peace sign, wave, or placing your hands on your heart as you say “May the peace of Christ be with you.”


At this time we will continue with our communion ritual as usual. Our communion servers will diligently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before serving the elements. If you are concerned about partaking, you may still come forward during communion and receive a blessing. Simply place your hands over your heart to indicate you do not wish to receive the elements. If the risk of spread increases in our area we will change how we serve communion to reduce community contact.

Again, the Worship Team is aware of the concerns in this situation. We will continue to act out of precaution and with prudence. We will take reasonable measures to reduce risk and encourage everyone to do the same.

--Rebekah Daugherty, Worship Team Leader

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