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Worship in our Sanctuary!

Worship in our Sanctuary!

by Jim Wishmyer on September 02, 2020

Good news! We begin our in-person, back-in-the-sanctuary worship on Sunday, September 20. I can just hear some of you cheering!

As with our worship up to this point – Livestreaming; Neighborhood Group communion; Outdoor Sunday worship, and now this step – our primary concern is everyone’s health and safety. Please consider your own risk factors as you decide whether or not to attend at this point. We will do all we can to keep you safe, but you must decide what’s right for you.

So, here’s how our worship will work:

We will continue our regular livestream; AND we will continue our in-person outdoor worship as long as weather and sunlight permit. Our outdoor worship will be moving up to 5:00 PM, starting September 20.

September 20 will be our kick-off for both in-person, indoor worship and the time change for in-person, outdoor worship. Those who so choose are welcome to wear your favorite team jersey on the 20th for this kick-off.

Our in-person, indoor worship in the sanctuary will begin at 11:30 am and last about 30-40 minutes. All worshipers must:

  • Register ahead of time because we have a limit of 50% of our sanctuary capacity, with social distancing (about 56 non-related persons; more if we have couples and families).
  • Complete the short health check – temperature prior to coming; no COVID-19 symptoms; etc.
  • Practice social distancing from non-related persons while on church property and parking
  • Wear a face covering. This applies to those leading worship also.
  • Follow the signs indicating traffic flow inside our building – different entry/exit doors, different staircase for entering/exiting the sanctuary, etc., and follow directions of ushers for seating locations.
  • Refrain from physical touch with others
  • Refrain from singing. We will not have our choir, Raising Praise, or soloists singing in-person. All music that includes singing will be recorded ahead of time and shown on screen.
  • Children are welcome but limited to those who are old enough to wear a face covering and keep it on.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available at each entrance and other locations around the building.

As we take this next step toward a full Sunday morning schedule, we envision adding additional worship times as we observe how well this works. Until the time that we have a vaccine, we will be moving forward gradually, deliberately, and safely toward a full-Sunday morning offering of worship, small groups, and Sunday school.  

Thank you, all, for your patience the past six months! And, thank you to our Healthy Church Team for helping to guide our steps along the way.  We look forward to being together inside, and/or outside, for in-person worship again!  
– Rev. Jim Wishmyer


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