Alive on Purpose (Renewed in Purpose)

Series: Renewed

Alive on Purpose (Renewed in Purpose)

September 26, 2021 | Heather Wray

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Like waves crashing against the shore with rhythmic regularity, the reality of COVID intrudes on our elusive quest for normalcy. The constant pivoting, mixed messages and mandates, concern for loved-ones’ safety, and more can be exhausting, depleting, and distressing. When circumstances around us threaten to wear us down and wear us out, how and where can we find strength to stand? And beyond finding strength to stand, can we actually find joy and inner renewal?

Well, we cannot eradicate COVID or alleviate all the stressors in your live, but we can offer encouragement and opportunity to recharge and be “Renewed!” Our sermon series that begins Sunday, September 5, seeks to fuel our faith and sustain our souls with biblical insights gained from stories of faith.

Also in September, we’ll introduce some prayer practices shared by Danielle Strickland in her “Right-Side Up Soul Care”, and get to hear from  inspirational voices around the world on prayer that sustains, especially through trial.

Then, in October, we’ll look at happiness in the counter-cultural proverbs of Matthew 5, known as the Beatitudes. These will challenge our assumptions, confront our calcified concepts, and invite us to embrace the happiness – the “blessedness”  that Jesus unveils and inspires – the kind that lasts.

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