Breaking Free

Series: Defying Gravity

Breaking Free

October 11, 2020 | Walter Tennyson

Passage: 1 Timothy 6:17-19

Series Information

Defying Gravity: Break Free from the Culture of More!

Would you rather be known as generous? Or as stingy, or miserly? Our gracious God is also a generous God who calls us to lives of generosity. During October, we’ll be studying the topic of biblical generosity. For four weeks, we’ll explore why generosity brings people joy and what forces work against it. Many want to experience the significance of blessing others, but may feel trapped by past decisions; or, may have been misled by a society that bombards us with a message focused on having more and having better as the path to satisfaction and significance.  

Good news! Jesus shows how to “defy gravity” and break free from the culture of more. Listen in and pay attention to what the Bible says about how to experience a generous life. There will be exercises and challenges during this series to help you consider your own personal and family situation, as we reflect on our attitudes about money, possessions, and giving.

Take the bold step toward learning to defy gravity and how you can live generously! I believe you won’t want to miss a single Sunday of “Defying Gravity.”

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