God is Holding Your Life: Cheer, Shout, ‘Hallelujah’!

Series: God is Holding Your Life - A Journey of Assurance for 2021

God is Holding Your Life: Cheer, Shout, ‘Hallelujah’!

January 17, 2021 | Jim Wishmyer

Passage: Psalms

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Many can’t wait to put 2020 behind them. But will 2021 be better? Who knows? God
knows. And the One who knows the beginning from the end, and all points in between, is
the one who holds your life and mine – if we allow it.

As we turn the page in our calendar to the new year, we begin by turning to the Psalms,
where the writers knew ups and downs, from exile to homecoming, from destruction to
rebuilding, from depths of despair to the heights of gratitude. The Psalms give words and
meaning to the full depth and breadth of human experience, ever pointing us to the One
who holds us even when we do not know we are being held. We begin 2021 reminding
ourselves that no matter what comes, we are not alone. We are held by the everlasting
arms of our loving, faithful God.