Thy Word Is a Lamp

Series: Immerse

Thy Word Is a Lamp

February 07, 2021 | Jim Wishmyer

Passage: Acts 9:1-19

Series Information

Immerse is built on three core ideas: reading a naturally formatted Bible, reading at length, and having unmediated discussions about it together. By simply reading and then gathering once per week in “book club” style groups, participants will have a place to voice their questions, talk about their concerns, celebrate “aha!” moments together, and support each other during this still unprecedented time.

By reading for 20-30 minutes a day, five days a week over eight weeks, we will deepen our understanding of the New Testament. And, by setting aside eight weeks twice per year for a time of shared Bible reading, our entire church will grow in our faith as we read through the entire Bible in just three years.

We begin with the Messiah volume. Reading the entire Bible may be a new challenge for some people, so we‘ll begin with the most familiar part, the New Testament. This also helps reinforce that Jesus is the center of the whole biblical narrative. After that, congregations can delve into the five volumes that cover the First Testament, getting the crucial backstory that Jesus was born into. Of course, we are also free to take up any of the other five Immerse volumes in any order we want to.

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