When our Plans Collide with God’s Plan

When our Plans Collide with God’s Plan

September 29, 2019 | Heather Wray

Passage: Genesis 11:1-9

Why are there different languages and cultures?

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In ancient times, and even today, people told stories to explain what was and what is. The book of Genesis – literally the book of beginnings – tells some of those stories from the point of view of faith. Every story, and every story teller, has a point of view. On the surface, many Jews and Christians have long believed that these stories, and others in the Bible, were “inspired” by God; literally, God-breathed. What does that mean? There’s a story for that… Come, gather around in our sanctuary to listen. On Sunday morning, of course.

Digging deeper, the stories of scripture usually have a question behind their telling. What are the questions behind the stories we find in Genesis that led to their telling? Are they stories of events that actually happened? Are they history? Myth?

And perhaps most importantly why do we retell these ancient stories today? Of what relevance are they to our story – my story? So many questions! Genesis is the book of beginnings, “bere’shith” – “in the beginning”. And we’ll begin to explore these stories September 8. So, bring your questions; ask, listen, read, and learn how these timeless stories contain timely wisdom for you, for me, and for our world. Ready? Set. Let’s begin at the beginning.

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